In 1857, Louis Herbeau opened one of the first showrooms in France devoted exclusively to L ‘Art du Sanitarie (the art of sanitary ware). The Herbeau showroom in Lille rapidly gained a following among socialites and aristocrats. Louis Herbeau’ s son, Desire, proved to be a prolific designer and joined the company. The early bath suites Desire created reveal the Art Nouveau influence of the times. Shortly after the end of World War I, Desire Herbeau, along with his son Maurice, established a Herbeau showroom in Paris.

Much has changed since the days Louis Herbeau took a piece of copper tubing and imagined it as a faucet. Today Herbeau makes faucets, sinks, tubs and toilets that feature the latest in plumbing innovations. And, along with a certain je ne sais quoi, Herbeau is assured a place in the continuing history of kitchens and baths.