Stone Forest


Since 1989 Stone Forest has crafted award winning designs for the bath, kitchen and garden, sculpted from stone, bronze, copper, iron, and wood. Stone Forest designs are sculpted from single blocks of stone that were formed millions of years ago.  A block of stone represents centuries of accumulated time and we like to think of them as “recorders of nature’s memory”.

As we cut into a block, a mystery is revealed as the unique characteristics of the stone come to light.  These include individual fingerprints of nature, such as anomalies in the form of areas of enhanced coloration and unusual veining and swirls of color in the stone.  Much of the actual carving is done by hand with calculated blows from a hammer and chisel.  We also use small diamond saws and hand-held polishing tools, but because the sinks are not machined each will be a little different, and truly exceptional.  They will not be perfectly symmetrical and there will be small variations in size.  Each block of stone also has its own personality; expressed in slight differences in the makeup of its crystalline structure.

We hope our clients appreciate the wonders of natural stone and its unique characteristics.  We never want to ask this incredible material to be something that it is not.